Forging Ahead to Become the Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Fire Safety Systems

A family-owned business since 1976, WAGNER has always been committed to setting the standard for innovation in the design, development, and manufacturing of engineered fire prevention systems. We are proud to have been first-to-market with some of the most cutting-edge concepts and systems in industrial fire safety and prevention. As we grow, we continue to innovate with new technologies and solutions that meet the the evolving needs of our growing, international customer base.

    1976 - WAGNER open its doors

    1984 - WAGNER introduces first-ever early warning smoke detection system

    1994 - WAGNER´s innovative oxygen reduction concept using non-toxic nitrogen receives third-party accreditation

    1998 - WAGNER unveils OxyReduct® solution

    2001 - WAGNER launches TITANUS® line

    2005 - WAGNER introduces OxyReduct Compact® for targeted surveillance areas

    2011 - WAGNER achieves UL certification for early-warning fire detection systems in the USA and Canada

    2011 - WAGNER achieves up to 80 percent energy savings with its products, leading the market

    2014 - WAGNER opens dedicated US offices in Waltham, MA.

    2014 - With OxyReduct, Preferred Freezer, Inc. becomes the first cold storage warehouse in the US to install an oxygen reduction system as its primary fire prevention system

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