Early-Warning Fire Detection and Prevention Systems

WAGNER takes an innovative approach to preventing fires - by stopping them before they even have a chance to start. The company's flagship solution, OxyReduct®, is a patented oxygen reduction system that brings oxygen levels in a facility to below the point needed for a fire to ignite.

The following WAGNER products are protected by patents in the U.S. and elsewhere. Browse the list to see which patents are hold.

How WAGNER’s Warehouse Fire Protection Systems Work

By introducing non-toxic nitrogen into the atmosphere of the protected areas, OxyReduct® reduces the percentage of oxygen to below the point at which a fire can start or propagate.
Fire development and detection

The concept: add non-toxic nitrogen into the air in order to safely reduce oxygen levels and make a facility fire-proof, while still ensuring safe entry for authorized personnel. OxyReduct® generates nitrogen from existing ambient air for maximum cost and energy efficiency, distributing it evenly throughout a facility’s existing air ventilation and cooling systems. Sensors continually monitor the oxygen concentration in the air and report back to the main control unit, which automatically adjusts levels as needed to maintain a safe environment. The same integrated monitoring system offers energy-efficient climate control, and ensures the integrity of airtight rooms.

As part of the complete OxyReduct® solution, WAGNER’s air sampling smoke detection system ensures the fastest possible reaction times to address even the hint of harmful smoke. TITANUS® is a highly sensitive fire detection system that continually samples the air, sensing smoke up to 2000 times faster than traditional detectors. Yet TITANUS® is so accurate, you never have to worry about a false alarm. Leveraging advanced algorithms for fire pattern recognition, the system continuously samples the air to accurately and immediately identify potential threats – even in high-traffic, dusty, deep freeze, and other specialized environments. An optional second plug-in detector module allows a single air sampling unit to economically monitor two separate areas, or support cross-zoned alarm verification.

At the forefront of fire prevention and protection systems, OxyReduct® stands for fire safety in a variety of warehouse environments, from high bay, to small load, to cold storage facilities, and more. 
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